WFTGA December news letter.

Dear Members, colleagues and friends: December 2016 Many of you are in high season; others celebrate Christmas and start into a New Year. It might mean holidays, but for some it might also remind them of difficulties, uncertainty and ailments past and present. Let us be thankful if we do have the possibility to take some minutes off and let’s keep in mind that life holds many aspects - not all are happy.

WFTGA October Newsletter

With great joy I announce that the Iran registration develops very successfully: until now, WFTGA has 160 outside participations from 23 countries with additional accompanying persons, plus registrations in Iran by the National Members. The last hours for Early Bird will end with October 31st midnight (ET).

WFTGA Iran update

Dear Friends and Colleagues of WFTGA Finally I have news to publish – and it is good news too! It cannot be any secret that the signing of the Vienna Treaty with Iran in January released once more critics of WFTGA General Assembly decision for our 2017 convention; the almost immediate renewal of more sanctions swept euphoric ideas to ground and lead to an almost paralytic standstill. Now, Executive Board can give you basics of our next convention in Iran:

WFTGA Tehran conference

Dear Colleague, Those of you who were in Prague will remember me with the Iranian Federation of Tourist Guides team. My name is Hussein.I will be your contact for your questions as well as for the invitation letters which you need to apply for your visas to travel to Iran for the 17th World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) Convention in Iran-January 2017.
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