Its AGM time!
For those guides who have fully paid up their R100 due to the association, they will be the only people who will have a say in choosing their new committee...
For the guides who want to join our association, look on the gga website for banking detail.
Together we can make a good stand. Time to get involved

We will meet at the Voortrekker Monument and only the fully paid up members will have the right to vote.

I will draw up a proxy, should you not be able to attend the AGM. THE PROXY BALLOT SHOULD REACH ME ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE AGM.

The AGM will take place at voortrekker monument, Pretoria with a bring and Braai.
Entrance will cost R15 for paid up members. Those who have not yet paid their dues to the association can join us, but you will pay full entrance fees.

What:  GGA AGM
Time:  3 October 2017 at 11:30
Entrance fee:  R15 for paid up members
And normal price for non-members

VTM will have a short discussion as introduction.

Please note that only paid up members will be allowed one vote each.